We hired a planner because there was no way for us to plan a destination wedding in a country we had never even been to ourselves. But now, looking back, I realize that it would be worth it to hire a planner even if our wedding was in Toronto. The wedding industry is a BEAST and navigating it without any experience can easily drain you, emotionally and financially. And if you have other commitments, juggling them with wedding planning is a road to burnout. I must admit - I am biased because we won the wedding planner jackpot and got THE most amazing person overseeing our wedding. What I didn't realize is how important this role is. I thought that planners just handled the logistics: the research, the contracts, etc. But in reality, a good wedding planner will do SO. MUCH. MORE.

Your wedding planner will get to know you on a level that very few other people ever will. They will know your family history and dynamics, your body image concerns, your relationship with your future spouse, your dreams and nightmares, your secret fears, your favorite foods and music, and your entire inner world. And that's why it is so important that this is someone that you TRUST 100%.
I can't even count the number of times I would text Kate late at night, on the verge of tears, sharing my anxieties about some aspect
of wedding planning. And she would be there, to explain, to support, to motivate, to say "Your concerns are valid but in my years of experience, this has never been a problem." And she was ALWAYS RIGHT.

By the time the wedding day came around, she knew me so well that she could finish my sentences and tell me exactly which out of five different types of vases I would choose. So it felt like there was another me handling everything downstairs while I was getting ready. And girls, that feeling on the most important, nerve-racking, and complex day of your life is priceless.

Find a planner whose work shows that they will go above and beyond. When we were discussing decor with Kate, we were bouncing ideas back and forth and I mentioned that I wished I could visualize them better. So she took the initiative and contacted a talented artist who created drawn renderings for us. They helped us settle on the ceremony and reception decor.

This lovely human was my guide, life coach, advisor, assistant, therapist, and friend throughout wedding planning.

The wedding preparation is in fact a nerve wracking experience. Especially when you are a full time worker and kinda perfectionist:)
That’s the time when the professional wedding planner steps in. Seems like we found each other accidentally.
But this accident truly became a little miracle. Not only Kate is a wonderful human being, she is an experienced specialist,
who was 24/7 available for our endless questions/doubts, support or anxiety waves (oh believe me, she handled them well:)
The amount of patience this lady has is phenomenal!

Kate definitely has her personal approach to each couple because at every vendors meeting she immediately knew if it’s going to be successful. Just by looking at us. No words were needed. And we were super grateful for having such literally mind-reading connection. This is when you know that you chose right person for such an important event of your life.

Once again, thank you! Thank you for always being there for us throughout the whole preparation process and helping with making this day so special and beautiful♥
Katya and Tanya! Ladies!
I’m not even sure where to start and how to thank you for planning my dream wedding!
Even a week after the wedding I’m still having hard times expressing my feelings and putting the words on paper! Emotions are still overwhelming me! But here it goes…
Unlike many girls I never knew exactly what kind of dress/ring/wedding I wanted except that I wanted it to be outside in a castle next to the water…but most importantly I wanted everyone to have fun! And you made all my dreams come true…you found me the beautiful castle by the water surrounded by mountains and you made sure that everyone was having the best time in their lives! So many people after the wedding told me that that was the best wedding they’ve been to! That was definitely the best and the funnest one I’ve been to! Oh my…how many times I heard that weddings are for the guests and parents, while we’d be just stressing out. With you we were able to relax and just enjoy every second of it, regretting only how quickly the time was passing by. Such a beautiful, happy, and emotional day you gave us! Thank you for planning out each and every detail of it and letting us have fun!
Katya, thank you for keeping me organized and waking up before sunrise to accommodate for the 10-hour difference with Alaska! Thank you for working with me through the budget and really helping me to stay within. My husband really appreciates that part!;)
Tanya, thank you for being the Montenegro SME, helping us organize the whole vacation and “saving” on multiple occasions while there! I’m not sure how we would go through all the weeds of planning anything in Montenegro country without you!
Thank you both for letting us have the best time of our lives! The day is full of joy, love, laugh, emotion and happiness! A day to cherish deep inside our hearts! Thank you!
P.S. Please pass our special thank you to Sima, who decorated it soooo-so beautifully! I think we were tagged on more pictures of the decor rather than people!

Dear Kate and Tanya,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful day.

Everything was just perfect! Thank you for everything.

A+I, Switzerland

Girls, thank you all soooo much for yesterday. It was so perfect!

We appreciate all of the work you put into it ♥ ♥ ♥

Kate, how awesome it was! I’m looking right now (at the photos) and it’s just a bomb! Thank you A LOT! We are glad we got exactly you.

Kate and Tanya, you are our special love! You have transformed all our ideas into reality and have assembled an amazing team! Preparation was easy and pleasant. From the first moment we felt like home. You were very quick in responding to our requests and ideas. The ceremony was exactly as we imagined it. Kate, thank you for being with us during the preparation! The wedding day was cozy, joyful and full of love. It felt like we met old friends! We hugging you and thank you very much! We look forward to seeing you in Canada.

I+A, Canada
We want to say a lot of thanks to you! That day and our feelings cannot be put into words. Work has been done for all hundred percent. You do everything with all your heart and our wedding was no exception. Our wedding was very beautiful. And how you took care of us throughout the planning. We had a wonderful team that really loves their work. On our wedding day, we were perfectly calm because we knew you would do everything! We trusted you, and we are very happy that you were our planner. Hugs!
P+A, Turkey