Weds in May is a wedding planning agency that creates, designs and produces weddings and events
in Czech Republic and Montenegro.
The love for planning, creativity and uniting people helps us to create exquisite and intimate family celebrations.

I have been organizing destination weddings for over five years and every day I find more inspiration in it.

My superpower is finding the best and most talented vendors for my couples. Talents who create not just "events", but real celebrations like in the movies. My main priority is to reflect the couple’s story, to help them with the planning, to guide, support and inspire, adhering to their wishes.

I love people and it’s a great joy for me to work with them.
And I would be happy to help you organize the wedding of your dreams!
Hello! I’m

The founder, lead wedding planner
and a huge fan of my JOB



I’m still not sure that I need a wedding planner. How can you help me?
That’s a really good question! For our couples we develop an individual concept of the event, help optimize costs within a budget, and assist in selecting the right venue and team according to their wishes. By having someone who knows the industry, you will gain insight into all the nuances that you may have overlooked. In addition our services can save you a lot of time, considering that wedding planning typically requires 6-12 months of work. We always stay in touch with our couples and provide help with everything related to wedding planning.
How much do your services cost? CAN the planning fee BE PAID in installments?
Our services are 10% of the total wedding budget, but not less than 3500 euros. The fee will be split into 2 or 3 installments depending on the workload. After you sign the contract and make the first prepayment, we start working together.
Can you help planning a destination wedding?
Absolutely! We specialize in destination weddings with a focus on Montenegro and we are always interested in new destinations.
Please include your country code
Minimum investment 35k euros
Please tell us more about you and how you imagine your wedding?
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