In the picturesque landscapes of Montenegro, a couple celebrated their love story with simple elegance. The bride, adorned in a chic dress with pearls, and the groom embraced beside a white retro Porsche, set amidst the majestic backdrop of mountains. The effortlessly stylish photo shoot beautifully captured the romance of their special day, inspired by the enchanting setting that surrounded them.
".. We hired a planner because there was no way for us to plan a destination wedding in a country we had never even been to ourselves. But now, looking back, I realize that it would be worth it to hire a planner even if our wedding was in Toronto. The wedding industry is a BEAST and navigating it without any experience can easily drain you, emotionally and financially. And if you have other commitments, juggling them with wedding planning is a road to burnout. I must admit - I am biased because we won the wedding planner jackpot and got THE most amazing person overseeing our wedding. What I didn't realize is how important this role is. I thought that planners just handled the logistics: the research, the contracts, etc. But in reality, a good wedding planner will do ..."
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Sasha Golubchikova