Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, but with the right help, it can also be an incredible experience.
As a wedding planning agency, we specialize in providing high level services for couples looking to create unforgettable weddings.

We understand that each lovestory is unique, and that’s why we offer a personal approach to every client, providing complete support throughout the entire wedding planning process. From choosing vendors and perfect decor to coordinating the wedding day, we are committed to making the planning process as stress-free and enjoyable.
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but with our help, it becomes an incredible experience. We understand that each couple is unique, which is why we offer a personal approach to every client, providing complete support throughout the entire process. From selecting vendors and perfect decor to coordinating the wedding day, we aim to make your wedding planning stress-free and enjoyable.

Design and concept of the event
Venue search and scouting
Hiring and management of wedding vendors
wedding planning timeline
Help with optimizing costs and budget control
unlimited consultations related to wedding
Controlling all stages of the process
Coordination of the wedding day



Assistance with documents
Booking dates at the town hall, embassy or church
Payment of state fee or church fee

The fee for full wedding planning is 10% of your total wedding budget.
A minimum budget of 35k euros is required.


We'll be there for you from the first step until the ending of your big day
We always begin with an introductory consultation. This is where you get to share with us your wedding vision and how you want your special day to feel. On our side, we will explain how we can assist you and then provide a proposal. Once the contract is signed and the initial payment is made, we will start working together.
We will handle everything and ensure that your day turns out exactly as you envisioned. We will coordinate final steps with vendors, finalize seating plans, wedding menu and put together a timeline.
We will provide you with access to your personal online planning space, where we will keep track of all wedding tasks: from the guest list and stationery to layout and logistics. Afterward, you will receive a shortlist of top vendors and stunning venues that we believe are the best fit for your needs and bring your vision to reality. In addition, we will develop a design concept that showcases your style and creates an intimate atmosphere for your wedding.

We will run the event from start to finish, ensuring that everyone is in the right place. Now, it's time to celebrate your love!